Third Sector Innovations has a growing track record in serving the needs of business. The strength of our work is in partnering your goods/services expertise and commitment with our knowledge of and interest in the organizational supports that ensure success. Whether you need help with market research, staff development, planning and evaluation or other systems/structural concerns, Third Sector Innovations is poised to assist.

On a very practical level, businesses hire us for three things: our time, our expertise and/or ability to "prod along" projects. We step in when you need us, step out when you don't. We are equally available for one-time efforts and to provide ongoing outsourced services.

"People (including me) LOVED your session, which received the only unanimous ‘excellent’ rating at the conference. Thank you so much!”
Jill Ozarski, Former Executive Director
Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts

"Illene cares about her clients and walks the talk. When I get a grant from one of her clients, I pay attention!"
Bob Sweeney, President
Kenneth King Foundation
Denver, CO

“Our organization moved light years ahead, thanks to the great work of Third Sector Innovations. We were struggling with organizational issues and creating a structure that made sense for us. They quickly, efficiently and affordably put us on the right path that is still paying dividends.”
James McCoy, Chairman
Forsyth County Arts Alliance
Cumming, GA