Third Sector Innovations is dedicated to providing high-quality services that maximize your return on investment. We offer real-world knowledge and solutions, customized to meet the needs of the small- or mid-sized organization. We work with clients throughout Colorado, Georgia and the United States...and even have a few friends working overseas!

Our clients are managing businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations that sometimes need a little assistance from the outside. Or, perhaps they have service needs that are better met by an ongoing contractual relationship. Either way, Third Sector Innovations will be proud to work for you in setting your strategic course, training your leadership, evaluating your efforts and securing the funds necessary for operations, capital improvements and special projects.

Contact one of our clients to find out more about how Third Sector Innovations has helped in their success, or contact us directly for more information on how your organization can benefit from our expertise and involvement.

Your Utility Player

“Add Third Sector Innovations to

your roster and you’ll be ready
 for the majors!”
Smart managers know that when things get tough, you call in a utility player.  The seasoned pro who can do it all: catch, throw, field and hit.
At Third Sector Innovations, we excel as utility players, joining up with your homegrown talent to take on the jobs that need a surge of energy and experience.  We’ll have you at the top of your game in no time!
Third Sector Innovations specializes in making sure you’re batting a thousand by...   
  • Facilitating a good game plan
  • Training your bench of board members –no rookie mistakes! – for strong leadership and vision
  • Developing the whole team for solid performance, every day of the season
  • Pitching winning grants and other presentations that bring in more than mere peanuts
  • Building your fan base of new members, major donors and corporate sponsors.
Call Third Sector Innovations the next time you need to hit one out of the park!
Third Sector Innovations:
Helping organizations to run faster,
 jump higher,
throw farther,
and excel.